Ducklings are Capable of Abstract Thinking

A duckling trained on a 'different shape' stimulus looks away from the 'same shape' stimulus (two spheres) in the background. This material relates to a paper that appeared in the 15 July, issue of Science, published by AAAS. The paper, by A. Martinho III at University of Oxford in Oxford, UK, and colleagues was titled, "Ducklings understand and imprint on the relational concept of 'same or different." Credit: Antone Martinho

The brains of some intelligent animals have the ability for abstract thought. They can differentiate between likeness and contrast. Yet this is a rarity among animal species.

However, the cutest of adorable little ducklings have been found to possess this ability in scads. They may have been thought to be nothing but a “bird brain” species up until now, yet that is hardly the case. Newly-hatched ducklings can differentiate between sameness and variation in a matter of seconds.

The really strange thing is that the ducklings have this power without any previous training. They seem to instinctually possess the power to differentiate between the same and the different.

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